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Why We Help:

Helping communities alleviate hunger and critical needs of impoverished children while building dignity and hope.

How We Help

By working through schools and other organizations serving youth, we are able to identify children’s critical needs and partner to remove that barrier, allowing them to focus on a pathway to their future development

Feed and Care

We focus on addressing a child’s critical food, clothing and health needs. Once the critical needs are addressed, true transformation can occur. Children are then better equipped and capable to perform academically.


No single entity can independently break the chains that limit an impoverished child’s chance for upward mobility, but we can create understanding of the issues faced by these communities of hope and opportunity. We can offer underserved children in our community a chance to create healthy habits and build the self-confidence necessary to rise above negative circumstances and excel.

Pathways Forward

Together We Feed matches businesses to schools and provides a best practices model to connect with children. By engaging with the faculty and students, businesses help make a lasting difference in the lives of impoverished children by building relationships, allowing children to learn about career opportunities within their company and ultimately helping students to discover pathways to change.

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Hendrick Automotive Group 6 $126
The Kelts 2 $70
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2016 Together We Feed
Goal: $3,000
Top Teams:
Hendrick Automotive Group
The Kelts
Shawshank Runners Club
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